Telling Your Story- Embryo Recipients

Telling Your Child Their Embryo Donor Conceived Story From Birth

Telling Your Child Their Embryo Donor Conceived Story When They Are Older


The importance

  • In an age of DNA analysis and increased access to ancestry, it has never been more important to be open and transparent about a person’s family history.
  • It is important children hear the information from their own parents & family in a way that hold significance to the family unit and speaks to the uniqueness and individuality of that child.
  • As children become adults, information on their medical history holds increased importance.
  • Be proud of the path that made you a family. Your kids were very much longed for and conceived with love and generosity.
  • Be honest, open and acknowledge their feelings. Be there for them


Guiding Principles

  • Focus on “How we became a family” rather than “how you were made”
  • Genes make people, love makes a family
  • It is never too early or too late to start the conversation
  • There is no “right” or “wrong” way
  • Donor conceived children are VERY much loved and wanted
  • Find your own words that fit your family
  • Speak from love
  • Don’t try to be perfect or put it off waiting for the “right time”
  • Encourage questions
  • Speak of it gently, but often changing the language and level of detail as the child grows


A great place to start…..

I / we are so happy to be your parent. I / we need to work so hard to make you. I’m grateful that the donor helped us become a family!


This information was modified utilising content from the VARTA website www.varta.org.au


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