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15th April 2020

We have just finished a project to find some of the best resources out there to help embryo recipients and donors to talk with their children about embryo donation- and for telling family and friends about donor conception too. Please see here for more details. Thanks to Toyota for the Grant that is enabling this important work

Latest Stats on Embryo Donation in Aust/NZ

22nd October 2019

The latest statistics on embryo donation in Australia/NZ have been published by ANZARD, which are from the year 2017. There were 454 embryo recipient cycles in Australia and NZ in 2017, and from these 454 cycles of embryo donation, 107 babies were born! See the full report here if you're interested: https://npesu.unsw.edu.au/sites/default/files/npesu/data_collection/Assisted%20Reproductive%20Technology%20in%20Australia%20and%20New%20Zealand%202017.pdf

Australian Story- Embryo Donation!

22nd October 2019

In case you missed it, 3 weeks ago on Australian Story there was a very moving and honest account of an experience of embryo donation. Thanks to all involved for sharing your stories with all of us! Click on this link and look for the episode 'Perfect Strangers' https://iview.abc.net.au/show/australian-story


2nd November 2018

Novembryo has begun - our month for fundraising and awareness-raising! If you have been helped by our organisation, please consider making a donation on our Homepage embryodonation.org.au. We are 100% funded by the generosity of the embryo donation community.

Thanks for your generosity!

The Embryo Donation Network Team

Support Webpage

29th June 2018

We have a new Support space on our website! We are excited to be able to share the stories and insights on this page and would like to thank VARTA for their generous support with content, and Toyota for their community grant that made it happen!

Embryo Donation On The ABC

18th May 2018

The ABC recently ran a story on embryo donation, which happened to feature some people from Embryo Donation Network! You can read the story here

Victorian Support Group For Single Mums Through Donor Conception

30th January 2018

Are you single and thinking about having a baby via embryo donation? Or maybe you already have a baby via embryo donation? There's a new support group in Melbourne, facilitated by VARTA. The first group has already run, but don't let that keep you from accessing this great source of support!

National Donor Database

13th December 2017

We are currently working on some advocacy around the need for a National Donor Database. A National Donor Database records would ensure standard record keeping practices and prevent individual fertility clinics destroying records, which we know has happened in the past.  Such a Database would also ensure that all those affected by donor conception, including donors, have appropriate access to information on their genetic relatives, no matter where they were born, or when they were born.

The Australian Senate released a report way back in 2011 which recommended the establishment of a National Donor Database, or at the very least, a donor database in each state. We continue to discuss this with governments and ask them to act on behalf of their constituents who are donor conceived. We need to learn from the past and not delay this important and necessary service any longer.

See https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Legal_and_Constitutional_Affairs/Completed_inquiries/2010-13/donorconception/report/index for this report

60 Minutes Story This Sunday

24th November 2017

60 Minutes are screening a story on Embryo Donation this Sunday. Some from our Network have been involved with telling their stories and we are grateful for their guts and honesty. Embryo donation is still not well understood in Australia and it is important that people hear real stories to help dispel the myths. 


7th November 2017

Q: How do we help the Australian community? A: We have around 10,000 people use our website every year. We help hundreds of people on their journey to becoming a family, through our free Classifieds. As the only organisation dedicated to embryo donation in Australia, we also answer hundreds of general enquiries every year about embryo donation. We are currently helping Australian universities and corporations with 3 research projects. And we are regularly approached by media outlets for comment on issues around embryo donation

Please give generously this Novembryo to help us to help others! 

Direct deposit:

Embryo Donation Network

BSB: 032087

Account number: 329218

Embryo Donation in the news

17th October 2017

Read Megan's story of donating her unused embryos here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/health-science/ivf-parents-find-joy-in-embryo-donation/news-story/392654e0ad1ce3a4ed93981a6f0a444b

Call Out For Research Volunteers

31st May 2017

We're excited to be supporting a few research projects at the moment. One of the reasons research into embryo donation is valuable is because it provides info to people trying to make decisions about unsused embryos. If you've been in this position and would like to help,  go to our Facebook page for more info. Embryo Donation Network -Australia.


22nd November 2016

We have a PayPal link on our home page. We hope this makes it easy for people to donate $5 or $10 to us this Novembryo. We need your support to keep afloat!


AGM this week

12th November 2016

Our AGM this week promises to be a great discussion of what we've acheived this year and future ideas and directions. Please contact admin@embyrodonation.org.au if you are interested in joining us by Skype or in person


2nd November 2016

November 2016 is now Novembryo! We are raising awareness about embryo donation. We are also raising funds so that our crucial work can continue. We need your help! Please give generously. Direct deposit details on our homepage.


Our 4th Birthday!

20th July 2016

Embryo Donation Network recently turned 4! When we started out, our major aim was that more Australians would know about and consider embryo donation as a valid choice for their unused embryos. We wanted people to make an informed choice about their unused embryos, as it was clear that many did not have all the options presented to them. Ultimately we wanted clinics to offer embryo donation as an option for those dealing with the difficult decision of what to do with these embryos.

4 years later, we are gratified to see that this has been the case.

We get constant feedback from clients that they have really needed the info that we provide. Our advocacy has changed ART policy, and has raised the profile of embryo donation in countless ways. Many more clinics now offer embryo donation as an option, and clinics that already offered embryo donation have introduced better services to cater for the needs of donors and recipients.

We are still the peak body for embryo donation in Australia and actively consult with clinics about their embryo donation programs.

We field a continual stream of media enquiry. Thanks to the generosity of the donors and recipients in our Network who are willing to share their stories with the media, embryo donation has featured regularly in all types of media.

And in the midst of all this, babies have been born! 

We'd like to acknowledge the generosity and open-heartedness of the donors and recipients we know - it's a privilege to work with you! 

Embryo Donation Network is a charity that runs on occasional small donations and the administration fees we charge. We manage to scrape by, but our very restricted income limits what we can do! If you are interested in helping us continue to do our work, please email us at admin@embryodonation.org.au


Angela and Marieke, Embryo Donation Network

Donor Story Now Available

10th July 2016

One of the donors in our Network has very generously written an account of her donation decision-making process for us. It's now available here

Are You Donor Conceived?

26th April 2016

Are You Donor Conceived? An awareness campaign for Donor Conception -they run support groups too in Melbourne and Sydney

Telling Kids They Were Born Through Embryo Donation

26th April 2016

Karen, one of the embryo recipients in our network, discusses how she told her kids that they were born through embryo donation.

Follow-up Article on Natalie's Story

10th April 2016

The Sun Herald today has a follow-on article from last week's story. As a society we need to catch up with the reality of embryo donation and support those who are donating, receiving and being born of these embryos. http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/the-secret-son-nsw-health-investigates-donor-embryo-case-20160408-go1xy1.html

Response To 'Embryo donor mum upset by claims of lost pregnancy' (3/4/16)

4th April 2016

The article in the Sydney Morning Herald  ‘Embryo donor mum upset by claims of lost pregnancy’ (April 3, 2016) highlights one of the gaps in embryo donation law.

As mentioned in the article, while the case as told appears to be the first incident of its kind, it does raise the issue that the current system in NSW relies on the goodwill of embryo recipients reporting the outcome of embryo donations. The NSW system is reliant on embryo recipients providing birth information to clinics, which in turn provide these details to the NSW Central Register. In the current system, a donor’s details are only recorded on the Central Register if a child is known to have been born from the donation. It is the position of Embryo Donation Network that legislation should provide a system that is not dependant on goodwill or individual reporting.

Our hope is that this case might prompt the NSW State Government to act on the recommendations of the Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Law and Safety Report on Managing Donor Conception Information (2013).  We agree that there is an urgent need for a national agency responsible for managing information on every donor conception. This agency would also fulfil important functions in providing specialised counselling, public education and support.

In addition, we agree with comments by Assoc Prof Sonia Allan in the Sydney Morning Herald article, and suggest that the register of donations recorded by such an agency should include all donations, not just those that are known to have resulted in a live births.

There is an urgent need for a national system that facilitates accurate and consistent handling of information regarding donor conception.

Embryo Donation On Australian Story

29th September 2015

Australian Story this week: 'Lexie's Village' follows the story of Natalie, and her embryo donation. Natalie and her recipient Fiona found each other through our site!


14th September 2015

Check out our recent appearance on the ABC's #talkaboutit!

Embryo Donation on Facebook

19th August 2015

Check out our Facebook page for recent chat about media coverage of embryo donation

A Donor's Thoughts On Her Donation, Two Years Later

5th May 2015

On MamaMia recently, there's a story about embryo donation that includes some thoughts from an embryo donor, 2 years after her donation 

Embryo Donation tonight!

21st April 2015

Watch 'The Project' Network 10 6:30-7:30pm tonight Tues 21st to see a story on Aussie embryo donation.

'The Project' and embryo donation

21st April 2015

See the journey of some Aussie donors and recipients this Tuesday night 21/4/15 on Channel 10's 'The Project'!

Embryo Connect In The News

28th March 2015

Essential Baby published this article last year about our Embryo Connect service, and one of our donors. It's a good read!

Embryo Connect

12th March 2015

Our Embryo Connect service has helped many donors and recipients on their journey. Embryo Connect is a private members-only area for donors and recipients to meet. You can read about Embryo Connect here

New Classifieds

16th February 2015

We have new potential embryo donors and recipients who have posted Classifieds. See them here.

New donors!

18th December 2014

New donors have registered with Embryo Connect. Contact us now to join!

Embryo Donation Mums Australia

2nd October 2014

Join this new Facebook group to meet other Aussie mums with children born from embryo donation!

Embryo Connect

8th September 2014

We are excited to announce the launch of our new service, Embryo Connect. See our Embryo Connect page for more details!

New Classifieds Posted

1st September 2014

Three people looking to receive embryos have posted on our classifieds page this week. They would love to hear from potential donors. Please visit our Classifieds section for more details

New Recipient Story On Our Site

9th December 2013

Embryo Donation Network founder Marieke has had her story published by That's Life magazine! It's available to read under 'Recipient' in our Stories section

Fertility Society of Australia Conference Next Week!

27th August 2013

We're presenting at the Fertility Society of Australia annual conference next week. We'll be talking to fertility clinic professionals about embryo donation and the work of Embryo Donation Network. This is a great chance to work with fertility clinic staff to improve the amount of information and support around embryo donation!

What To Do With Unused Embryos?

28th June 2013

There is a good resource called 'What to do with your unused embryos' on the VARTA website, which is a good starting point if you have unused embryos and are trying to get your head around the options. 

One Embryo To Donate?

12th June 2013

We've had a few people asking recently about whether it's possible to donate a single embryo. It is! Some clinics have a policy that you can only donate 2 or more, but there are other clinics that are happy to facilitate a donation of one embryo. Email us for more info!


12th May 2013

Snowflakes is a well-established US-based embryo 'adoption' program and it now links Australians with American or Australian donors or recipients. To explore what they have to offer, have a look at their site



20th April 2013

Snowflakes in the USA have a couple of webinars on their site where people share their stories. Have a look at http://www.nightlight.org/snowflake-embryo-adoption/embryo-adoption-webinars/

Telling your child about their origins

7th March 2013

Victoria's ART Authority (VARTA) is holding its 'Time to Tell' seminar again this May. We went last year and found it really helpful to hear of the experiences of families with children born of embryo donation. There was also useful guidance from those with professional experience of donor conception. Here's their site if you are interested.

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Book Reviews Now On Our Website!

15th April 2020
We have just finished a project to find some of the best resources out there to help embryo recipien...

Latest Stats on Embryo Donation in Aust/NZ

22nd October 2019
The latest statistics on embryo donation in Australia/NZ have been published by ANZARD, which are fr...


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