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Many Australians use fertility treatment in order to start a family. Following treatment, the choice of what to do with the unused frozen embryos is often a very difficult decision. Apart from the option of discarding the embryos, some clinics offer alternatives such as donating them to research or to another couple or individual. 
It is most common for people to choose to discard their embryos. The research indicates that this may be because there isn’t enough information about alternative options. Information about donating embryos to research is available through clinics, however, there is often little information about the more complex choice of embryo donation. 
Many couples may not be able to start their family without the gift of donated embryos. Unfortunately for them, embryo donation is rare in Australia: for every 20 couples hoping for embryos, only one will actually receive them.
Embryo Donation Network originated in response to these observations by a group of people with professional or personal experience in this area. We are passionate about providing information and support so that people can make the decision that is right for them.
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2nd November 2018
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29th June 2018
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