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Many Australians use fertility treatment in order to start a family. Following treatment, the choice of what to do with the unused frozen embryos is often a very difficult decision. Apart from the option of discarding the embryos, some clinics offer alternatives such as donating them to research or to another couple or individual. 
The research indicates that people often don't have access to enough information about options for unused frozen embryos. In particular, there is often little information about embryo donation, which is unfortunate as it is a valid option for unused embryos and there are many people who wish to receive the gift of donated embryos.
Embryo Donation Network originated in 2012 in response to these observations by a group of people with professional or personal experience in this area. We are passionate about providing information and support so that people can make the decision that is right for them.
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Coming Soon!

11th February 2020
We are currently working on a project to find some of the best resources out there for telling donor...

Latest Stats on Embryo Donation in Aust/NZ

22nd October 2019
The latest statistics on embryo donation in Australia/NZ have been published by ANZARD, which are fr...


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