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The resources listed below have been recommended by people within our Network. 

For research and reports about embryo donation, see our Research page

Support groups on Facebook


There are lots of good books out there to help you explain and think through embryo donation with your kids, friends, family, and others in the community such as school staff. We've done some research to help you, and you'll find book reviews on our site under 'Support'

Fertility counsellors

These counsellors in private practice may also be able to offer Skype and phone consultations. Please note that this is not an endorsement by Embryo Donation Network

For additional qualified fertility counsellors in your area, please see Australia and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association (ANZICA)



Are You Donor Conceived

Australian Donor Conception Network


Egg Donation Australia (egg & embryo donation, surrogacy)


Embryo donation in Australia

Snowflake® Embryo Adoptions Australia

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) - lots of useful resources and links. VARTA also run regular information days for all types of donor conception.


Embryo donation in other countries

Miracles Waiting

Embryo Donation International

Infertility Network UK -Factsheet on embryo donation


Donor Conception Network (UK) - Lots of published resources including series of resources around telling children about their donor conception, and telling family and friends about your decision to donate/use donor conception. The resources for children are tailored for different age groups. 




NHMRC Guidelines on Assisted Reproductive Technology

National and State Legislation

Health Law Central


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Book Reviews Now On Our Website!

15th April 2020
We have just finished a project to find some of the best resources out there to help embryo recipien...

Latest Stats on Embryo Donation in Aust/NZ

22nd October 2019
The latest statistics on embryo donation in Australia/NZ have been published by ANZARD, which are fr...


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