Most clinics can facilitate embryo donation. Some of these clinics have a waiting list that you can join or donate to. Others offer embryo donation only if you have already found your own donor or recipient.

If your clinic does not facilitate embryo donation, it is usually possible to move embryos to a clinic that does (although Victoria has some restrictions on this).

If you have questions about where you could find a clinic that can facilitate a particular procedure (e.g. donating a single embryo), contact us at admin@embryodonation.org.au. There are also Facebook groups where you could enquire about others' experiences. 



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A beautiful reminder ❤️ https://t.co/8MQG4nECyr
23 June 2017
There is so much evidence about the importance of donor conceived kids knowing their genetic origins early. https://t.co/1CrIwHsMLl
14 June 2017

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