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Donor Recipient
Nathan and Tania is looking for a donor
Hi my name is Nathan i am 39 yrs old and my wife Tania is 44yrs young. We have known each other for 10yrs and married for 9yrs. Unfortunately i didn’t come with working sperm. My heart dropped for my wife who would be an amazing mum.We have one child through the gift of donor sperm for which we will be forever grateful for. Miss T is 6yrs oldWe did further IVF cycles with no success. My wife undertook egg donor cycle without success. After multiple IVF attempts and egg donor cycle we have exhausted our options for giving our child a sibling. Our bank blance has suffered too. We are hoping someone would be willing to donate embryos. My wife is scared to fly so going overseas is not an option. Plus we would like to have an ongoing friendship with the donor. We are happy to travel to your clinic be it interstate or in NSW. I am interested in cricket and rugby union. As a family we like to spend time in the outdoors and we love to play board games. My wife is a beach lover, likes gymnastics, crochets when time permits and music. My wife is a nurse and i run my own business.We have more love in our heart to welcome another much wanted family member. As well as the donor family. If you need any futher information please do not hesitate to contact us please.
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email: Dyobta@gmail.com       phone: 0406588140
19th October 2017
Leanne and Ken is looking for a donor
Hi we are a happily married couple in our 40's looking to complete our family. After many years of Ivf we had our beautiful Miss nearly 4 via a egg donor. We are now seeking an embryo donor. We are very open to communication, we have a great relationship with our egg donor family which has worked out great.
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email: leanne_320@hotmail.com       phone: 0435947445
16th October 2017
Tina is interested in donating
Hi my name is Tina. My partner Greg and I started our IVF journey a couple years back which resulted in us having to use an egg donor. The process was surprising seamless, it seemed like it was truly meant to be given the circumstances of how we fell into each other's lives Anyway with a single implant we were blessed with identical twin boys who are just the most amazing little dudes. Our family was and is instantly complete upon their arrival 12 months ago. We truly only have one option as we don't want to exhaust our remaining embies nor do we want to donate them to science....I can't not after knowing our twins were mere embryos not long ago, so we've decided we'd love to pay it forward and donate our embryos to a loving family struggling as we once were. We're Happy to share our journey as well as provide pictures of our little guys. Ironically with epigenetics our boys have more looks and traits from my partner and I and none that are evident from our donor egg. Oh our donor who was a stranger is now a close friend...whilst she has no say in what we do with our Embies I consulted her and she's so happy that we're taking this pathway, as her gift continues to bring happiness. Anyway feel free to touch base, we'd love to chat :D
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email: tpinnock@iinet.net.au       phone: 0401563401
9th October 2017
Ben is looking for a donor
Hi Everyone ... we firstly wanted to thank everyone for the support we've received throughout our journey. The people on the fertility forums are inspiring, supportive and generally just amazing people! A bit about us ... my partner (Shane) and I have been together for almost 8 years and started our journey to a family last year. We're Gold Coast based and have always dreamed of a family. Exploring adoption as a same sex couple was hugely restrictive so we moved onto donor / surrogacy. We have an amazing surrogate and until a few months ago it was full steam ahead with our beautiful egg donor. Unfortunately our donor reacted badly to the fertility medication and developed a blood clot. After a very dramatic 24 hours in hospital she is recovering and will be fine but we don't feel we can risk her health (as much as she is willing) with a second round of medication. She's very much part of our baby journey but we love and respect her too much to continue. To say we're devastated would be an understatement but things happen for a reason and everything puts us on the path to a happy, healthy baby. We're now hoping to explore embryo donation. My partner and I never intended to be biologically connected to the child as we were going to use a sperm donor so it's a natural choice for us. We'd love to hear from people who have been through the journey. We're an active couple who just love life. We have a PR business and love all things travel, culture and our course our home. Thanks for welcoming us and we would love to connect with like minded people.
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email: b.grand@ymail.com       phone: 0435477258
5th October 2017
Mary H is looking for a donor
Breast cancer put a stop to my ivf cycles and chemo destroyed my eggs so I am looking for a compassionate donor to help me start a family.
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email: Shadow_1@yahoo.com       phone:
28th September 2017
Katherine is interested in donating
Looking to donate 4 embryos to suitable familyWe have a batch of 4 viable embryos we would like to donate to a couple in need.We had 6 viable embryo’s taken in 2014. We used one of the embryo’s prior to freezing and had a rowdy 2-year-old boy with red hair and blue eyes.We used one of the 5 remaining frozen embryos 12 months ago and have a three-month old boy with dark hair and blue eyes.Now that we have completed our family, we have discussed our remaining embryos. The choice of donating them knowing they may grow and live with another family is not an easy one but we have decided this is what we would like to try.We have 4 remaining embryo’s to donate to a couple that need them and hope that they can bring the joy and happiness they have brought us.Our ideal couple would be:In a stable, loving relationship and financially soundWanting to have two or more children from the 4 embryo’s we have to offer.Willing to agree not to donate any remaining embryo’s to a third coupleLiving within a 100-km radius of Brisbane/Ipswich - we would like to meet you and I’m sure you would like to meet usWilling to provide us an update at least once a year on any children born or become our friends on FacebookWilling to allow any children born to contact us as they grow older if that is their wish.Willing to cover all expenses for the transfer and future storage of the embryo’s including mandatory counselling and medical expenses.If this sounds like you we would be happy to hear from youJohn and Kat
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email: k.burson@hotmail.com       phone:
27th September 2017
Nicole is interested in donating
Two Embryos to donate: My Husband and I met later in life and ended up doing IVF (at my 39). Via our first IVF at Genea we had beautiful twin boys (who are now 2.5y) and very unexpectedly fell pregnant naturally with our daughter who is 14 months. Her arrival meant we no longer needed the two embryos we had frozen. It has taken me much longer to come around to donation than my husband. I always felt one of them would be my third child and there has been a period of getting around letting go, even though I have no desire for more kids. We have been in your shoes and we know that longing to have kids is like, therefore are happy to donate. However as parent I feel this overprotective need to ensure the embryos go to a family that would be similar to our/their personality types to ensure they have the best opportunities to thrive (if implantation successful). So here is a bit about us to help you understand our genetic background. My husband is the most relaxed and gentle man with the most wickedly black sense of humour and an avid reader. He is very very tall at 6f 7, into basketball, waterskiing, music and is quite smart. He is a sandy brown haired and blue eyed, anglo. As far as I know there is no family history of disease. I am a little smaller at 5f7. Dark haired and brown eyed, anglo. I am a good runner and active. I’m a graphic designer and arty and driven. My dad has type 2 diabetes but that was result of bad diet and we have no other family history of disease. Our kids are perfectly healthy and are active (if you are not active then our embryos would probably not suit), our twins are a whole year taller than their age, they have above average speaking skills one is brown eyed and one blue eyed and both have thick sandy brown hair. Our daughter is a beautiful brown/auburn colour haired child with greeny brown eyes. Ultimately we envisage the embryos being donated to a family that is moderately academic, sporty and with parents that are active, compassionate and patient. We are in Sydney. Regards Nicole and Richard
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email: jindavic@gmail.com       phone:
19th September 2017
Rebecca is interested in donating
Hello, I am a Single lady located in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs. In my early 30's my world turned upside down when the love of my life was killed in a car accident. It took a few years before I even wanted to date again, and although I have had relationship, no one was the one person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and share in the joy of a child. At age 40, I decided to go it alone (lucky I am financially set up and emotionally supported to do so) . I have had approx 6 attempts with donor sperm, and 2 pregnancies, however they have ended in miscarriage. At 42, Im worried my eggs are too old, but the Doctors tell me carrying a child isnt effected by age. So I am lookiing for a kind couple who have completed their family and would be interested in donating an embryo. I would be open to contact or no contact later, especially in regards to siblings. I would also be open to having a 2nd child, if the donation allowed. Cheers
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email: rebeccaops@hotmail.com       phone: 0414838389
12th September 2017
Keale is looking for a donor
Hello, I'm a lucky mama of a little boy conceived via a donated embryo and we would like to add to our little family. I am single by choice and my little boy and I spend all of our time together (apart from work!). I feel like I waited for so long to have him and I don't want to miss a moment.I did lots of IVF cycles with my own eggs resulting in multiple miscarriages over a 5 year period. My son was conceived on my first try with a donor embryo. We have a lovely and strong relationship with his donor family and I'd very much like another child who was able to have the same opportunity. I would love to get to know any families willing to donate. Thank you x
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email: teamkeale2@gmail.com       phone:
12th September 2017
Ivan is interested in donating
Hi there, my wife and I have 4 embryos that haven't been implanted from an IVF cycle that has resulted in our twins, and are looking for a good home for them.We love the outdoors, and have a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and we would like the eventual offspring to have this experience.Ideally we are looking for a couple that live in Sydney, to facilitate the occasional visit so that the children would be able to meet their biological relatives and get to know their own story.
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email: familja1995@gmail.com       phone:
10th September 2017
Susan Collins is looking for a donor
I am looking for an embryo donor as my husband and I don't want to pass on my genetic disorder
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email: susan_b4u@hotmail.com       phone: 0413558107
10th September 2017
Anita is looking for a donor
Hi my name is Anita and I live in Melbourne. I'm 45 years young :) and have always dreamed of being a mum. I haven't yet been lucky enough to meet the "one" so I tried Ivf 3 times with a donor but sadly it didn't work. I have been a nanny for 25 years now currently still working for the same family for 17 years as I adore children and love them all like my own :) I also do foster care occasionally so my experience with children is extensive and I know I would be a great mum. I'm also studying childcare so to open up my own family day care. I would love for you to help my dream come true x
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email: anitajafleming@hotmail.com       phone: 0415228506
31st August 2017
Clara and Tony is interested in donating
My partner and I have four embryos to donate to a childless couple from NSW who are open to some sort of contact. We’ve been together for more than 20 years. We underwent IVF in 2011 and on our third attempt we became pregnant and we now have a beautiful, intelligent, healthy, amazing 6 year old daughter. Tony and I live in Sydney’s inner west. We’re both university graduates. He’s a civil engineering executive and I’m a journalist/editor. We’re both healthy, happy people who love spending time with family and friends and travelling. I love reading, writing, running and dancing and Tony loves current affairs, renovation, science and AFL. He’s 6 foot 2 and I’m 5 foot 3, so we cover the full range of heights! (Our daughter is tall.) We’re both Australian. Tony was born in Wagga and I was born in Melbourne though I have an Italian background. We would love to give another couple the chance at becoming parents and we would very much like for our daughter to have a sibling who she may one day meet. So, please, only if you’re a NSW-based couple with no other children, who is happy to have continued contact in the future if you have a child from one of the embryos, we’d love to meet you and discuss donating.
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email: tonyclar@bigpond.net.au       phone:
22nd August 2017
Stevie Whitaker is looking for a donor
I'm a 28 year old single female from Sydney Australia. I am completing my bachelor of nursing with the goal to carry on to be a midwife. I have always adored children and longed to be a mother unfortunately I haven't met the right man and I was diagnosed at 22 with turners syndrome. A chromosomal disorder that, gratefully, doesn't affect my health but does stop me from conceiving naturally. I am looking for a loving person or couple that is willing to donate embryos to help me achieve my dream of motherhood. I am open to discussing level of contact so if you would like to know more please get in touch.
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email: stevie.whitaker@hotmail.com       phone: 0406519924
14th August 2017
Lizzie is looking for a donor
My husband and I would love to start a family. We are a mixed couple, he is white and I am black. We are Christians and are looking for a donor who doesn't mind a child brought up in a Christian home.
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email: lizziemirembe@yahoo.com.au       phone: 0429333787
11th August 2017
Meredith is interested in donating
My husband and I underwent IVF 4 years ago. After multiple attempts conceiving, we fell pregnant through an IVF cycle.. AND ...we fell pregnant naturally at the same time. We were quite surprised with the wonderful gift of fraternal b/g twins, who are now 3 years old. We feel we have completed our family and have 5 spare embryos left over, which we would like to donate. We remember the pain of infertility very well and would like to give another couple the chance to make a family. Open to future contact, particularly when any resulting child is older and has questions about where s/he came from. And I think its important that our kids know they have full genetic siblings out there. We live in Brisbane - would love to donate to a couple in good health, early 40's or younger. I am caucasian (blue eyes, brown hair) and my husband is part maori. We are both well educated and have good jobs. Our kids both have blue eyes and brown hair, one with my fair complexion, the other tans well like my husband!). Please be in contact if you are interested in talking further.
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email: meredith.wallace@bigpond.com       phone: 0413440322
19th July 2017
Claudia is looking for a donor
Hi! I came from a well structured family with 2 sisters. I have 5 adorable nephews and I have been trying to have babies on my own for 5 years.I am not married yet, but I am 42 now. I tried, twice, IVF with my own eggs and a donor, but unfortunatelly the embrios did not made it. I am from Brazil, work as a computer analyst for a government bank in Brazil. There is no problem to go to Australia for the procedures over there. I have a good financial condition and both of my parents are doctors.I hope to find a lovely family to help me make my own. I will love to share pictures of the baby with you and let him/her get to know you when he/ she gets older.
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email: Claudiaschelb@hotmail.com       phone: 5561981818844
14th July 2017
Nicole is interested in donating
Looking to donate a single embryo to someone in Adelaide. I'm 32 and my partner is 54. Would like someone willing to keep in contact. Anything more please contact us.
EmailGet in touch with this person
email: Blackredrose4@hotmail.com       phone:
4th July 2017
Lawrence is interested in donating
My wife & I would like to donate 4 embryos of ours to a suitable couple who will love them unconditionally. These were frozen in 2012 when my wife was 29 yo & I was 32. Thru this cycle, our daughter was conceived and she is now a happy & healthy 4 yo. God has blessed us with another son through natural conception hence our intent to donate. My wife & I are healthy with no family medical condition. Both our kids are happy & healthy. We are both Chinese descendent born in Indonesia, although we have been living in Sydney for almost 20 years. We would love a open relationship so they get to know their origin if they wish to in the future. Utmost important for us is a family that will truly love & care for them like we would do.
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email: budimantan38@hotmail.com       phone: 0403905400
3rd July 2017
Eileen is looking for a donor
Can you help complete our loving family?? We have a wonderful six year old daughter, and would love to complete our family. We are open to talking if you have an embryo for us. Sincerely
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email: ezimm33@yahoo.com       phone: 0408172746
25th June 2017
Dee is looking for a donor
Hi, my partner and I didn't meet until we were in our early 40s and we have been blessed with one absolutely gorgeous baby who is now a 5 year old boy. We love being parents and kept trying and trying to fall again to complete our family and give our son the joy of having a sibling. Unfortunately we have not been able to conceive again and I am past the age were I can use my own eggs for IVF. Looking at my options I came across the possibility of giving life to someones embryo. To me it feels more like adoption and a path I would be more than happy to go down. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this option. I would be happy to hear from you. We live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Qld.Regards, Dee
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email: deehighland@yahoo.com       phone: 0410430407
15th June 2017
Sophia is looking for a donor
Hello! Might I be the right parent for your embryo? I am warm and loving and believe that joy and good health are all about connecting with others. I’m 44 and have always imagined myself as a devoted mother. But so far I have been unable to experience the great responsibility and gift of parenthood. For five years I tried to conceive naturally. I then went through IVF with my partner and became pregnant first go, but sadly lost the baby at 11 weeks. My partner and I separated after a final failed IVF cycle in 2015. My desire to have a child was far greater than my partners, so I’ve decided to go it alone. I’m a university teacher and filmmaker with a strong interest in human rights and community. I am committed to bringing up my future child to be a compassionate and creative human being. I own my own house, am physically fit and adore cooking for friends and family. I believe that knowing where you come from is incredibly important, so if possible I would like to maintain a connection with the embryo donor. If you think I might be the right recipient for your embryo I would love to hear from you. I can be contacted at sophiawaiheke@gmail.com. Only documented actual medical expenditure and associated travel costs will be reimbursed. The text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by s. 40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (VIC) (November 2015).
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email: sophiawaiheke@gmail.com       phone: 0491 305 878
14th June 2017
Shana is looking for a donor
WAse are Shana (37) and Tania (30) and we are looking for an egg donour or embryo donation. We love each other, both have great careers, a beautiful home and dog and just one thing missing... A child. We have now been through 5 ivf rounds without success... Both of us failed to get good embryos through this process.happy to chat if you want to help :-)
EmailGet in touch with this person
email: Shana.engelhart@gmail.com       phone: 0416887479
13th June 2017
Laxmi sharma is looking for a donor
I had premarure overian failur at age of 28 ... hubby also has very low sperm count... we have done 4 IVF cycle with donor eggs and sperm with unsuccessful result.... so now i am looking do a embryo donor..
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5th June 2017
Caitlin is looking for a donor
Hiya there, wouldn't it be nice if babies were made from making love? My partner and I have danced with bears and jumped through hoops to try to have a family. Chinese herbs and acupuncture, multiple rounds of ivf, weird and wonderful pharmaceutical concoctions, one poor wee baby lost with a heart problem in utero, and we're still not yet Mama's and Papa's. Alas, as the doc says, there aren't many nuts on the tree (endometriosis with DOR/ low AMH and male sub-fertility/ low count and motility). We feel that love and shared values makes a family, not just genetics, and are now looking to find someone out there in this big wide world that might like to donate their frosty embryos to us, that we might grow a beautiful, loving family.I am a doctor of Chinese medicine, and my partner is a medical doctor. We are a bi-racial couple (Caucasian-Chinese). Whilst we would have full disclosure to any children about their conception origins, we would prefer for social reasons to find embryos that are also biracial / chinese. We would also prefer that anyone donating to us might be open to meeting any resulting children in the future should the children decide that they would like to know more about their origins or any genetic siblings that they may have.Thank you for reading! Wishing you a super day, Caitlin
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email: caitlink@riseup.net       phone:
3rd June 2017
Junko & Richard is looking for a donor
Hi, all, I am Junko 49 years old, from Japan, who completed education in Japan and moved to Sydney in 2000 then had kept working for IT software companies. I recently left my work to be ready to become a full-time mum.My partner, Richard is 44 years old, an Australian born in New Zealand, who has solid body and warm heart, works at a bank as IT specialist.My partner and I have been together for 5 years and tried ICSI with donated eggs a couple of times though, all failed due to his chromosome is the balanced translocation. I am too old to have well-conditioned eggs, so only having a chance of my pregnancy is to have donated embryos.We are living in Sydney, lower north shore and financially secure. Our life style is healthy and active. We love cooking and playing golf and regularly go to gym. We are always happy and have full of fun every day! We are surrounded by good friends who have lovely kids who will become good friends of our future child.Appreciated if you could consider to donate your embryos for us to make lovely family.
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email: minezoo@hotmail.com       phone: 0412563939
5th May 2017
Haroldo is looking for a donor
We are looking for a donor: my wife is 46 years old and I am 51. We own our house in Canberra, I am a university academic and my wife works in the public sector.
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email: haroldohattori@hotmail.com       phone: 0401293840
5th May 2017
Bronwyn Coates is looking for a donor
My name is Bronwyn. I am 48 years old happily married to my husband Frank 47 and we are currently living in Cessnock - my home town.We moved from Melbourne recently to be with my Father who passed away in January. My story is that my first husband died of a brain tumour when I was 30 y.o. he was 35 and the love of my life. I took care of him in our home in Sydney's Northern Beaches until he passed.I never thought I could carry on without him.Life continued on and I had a few relationships until I found my beautiful man and now husband Frank.We married after a few years and well I found myself at 42 and no luck with a pregnancy.We had many unsuccessful IVF treatments and since then I have not been able to persue further treatment due to the death of my Mum and brother - just too much going on.My life is never going to be the same but I am very grateful for having good health and abundance in my life.I still however yearn for that one missing area in my life of being a mother.I'm feeling it's now time to look at other possibilities for us to become parents, I don't want to leave any stone unturned to persue our dream.We are both healthy active people who love children. We adore our furry kids and take the very best care of them.I am an Oral Health Therapist and my husband is multi skilled - graduate Psychologist who turned to finance. He is very active with cycling and fitness and I love to cook and keep our 6 year old Groodle entertained.We are often mistaken for our age as we take care of ourselves and are happy healthy individuals.
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email: Bron@bronwyncoates.com       phone: 0417424886
5th May 2017
Michelle Cort is looking for a donor
Hi, I'm a 45 years old and would dearly love to be a mother. My ex-long term partner decided not to have children which left me heartbroken. I have a good job that offers plenty of flexibility and have great family support from my brothers family and grandparents. I know I could provide a loving, supportive and beautiful home for a child.
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email: Michelle.cort@gmail.com       phone: 0411023488
3rd May 2017
Abigail Laver is looking for a donor
I am 42 yrs old, have been happily married for 13 years, We live in Perth with our little boy who is keen to have a little brother or sister to hang out with. We have not been able to conceive and IVF has not worked for us so we are now looking at searching for a donor embryo.
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email: abi_laver@yahoo.co.uk       phone: 0406679221
2nd May 2017
Lulu is looking for a donor
Hello, we are a Caucasian married couple who have both been married before and have children from those previous marriages, but wanting to have a child together. We have been on the ivf journey for over 4yrs, I am now 44yrs old, my husband is 53yrs old. Our kids are active and happy, we live on a small farm. I am now wheelchair bound from a car accident which most certainly does not prevent me from being active in our children's lives. Ideally we would love to adopt embryos with an African American/Jamaican/black background. Why? We are very diverse people who love and accept people for who they are, not by gender,race or religion. We commit to loving a future child together the same way we have grown to love each other's kids. I have wonderful loving parents myself who are very supportive. We have considered adoption but the process is lengthy and costly unfortunately. If you think we meet your criteria or would like to know more, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you. :)
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email: markandlucyquix@icloud.com       phone:
22nd April 2017
Nadia Young is looking for a donor
Hi my name is Nadia and I am 20 years old. I have lots of family support along this amazing and long journey but, my doctor has sadly told me that I have ovarian insufficiency. I have a job in the family business. My mum went through DI program due to my dad couldn't have any kids and now my mum has 2 children through DI a child naturally. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a mother.
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email: marvelchik97@gmail.com       phone:
19th April 2017
Lara is looking for a donor
I am 47 and run out of options after trying for years. I am single with my own home in country NSW, I have my business. I love kids and desperately would like to have a child of my own to devote my life to. I am happy to travel and to keep in contact if desired. thank you Lara
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email: larataylor@internode.on.net       phone: 02 56087101
9th April 2017
Shannon McNamara is looking for a donor
We are a couple who are desperate to have another child and make our family complete. We have a beautiful daughter and she would love a brother or sister. We are all high achievers in the sporting world, having been elite athletes. Please help us complete our family which we can not do for ourselves due to infertility issues.
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email: Shanmc19@hotmail.com       phone: 0431817994
7th April 2017
Dee is looking for a donor
First thank you to those considering donating. That is a selfless action and on behalf of all of us seeking donations thank you. You bring hope to many. As for me... I am unable to have children because i had ovarian cancer but i am now 10 years cancer free so unlikely to relapse. My greatest dream has always been to be a mother. I am 40, recently single after a long term relationship but have not given up on a family. Generally my life is very good but i am missing something. I have a postgrad education, am financially stable, and have two spoiled cats. I have amazing friends and family for support. One friend donated eggs to me. Unfortunately they failed to reach blastocyst stage and could not be implanted. If your donation results in a baby I am open to having as much or as little contact as you would like. If you donate to me I will be a raise loving, caring mother who teaches her child the importance of good character, equality, and respect for all.
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email: dmtroskot@gmail.com       phone:
6th April 2017
Jade Lamond is looking for a donor
My name is Jade, I am 26yrs old and my partner, Tyson is 28. We live in a small country town in northern nsw where have built our home together and where we both work. As a child I had a tumour on my left kidney, I was very lucky in that my treatment was successful and I am now happy and healthy! As a result of this treatment I unfortunately have a low number of eggs remaining which are of poor quality. To our surprise Tyson was diagnosed with Sertoli Only Syndrome which means he doesn't produce any sperm at all. We have tried rounds of of IVF with donor sperm but due to me only producing low amounts of eggs per cycle we haven't had any success. We currently are foster carers of a beautiful 9 month old girl, we have had her for approx 4 months and she has been the joy in each day for us since she arrived. She brings us so much love and happiness, I love being a mum and we love being a family. Having her has definitely concreted the desire to have a family. I would love to hear from anyone who maybe able to help in giving us the most special gift ❤️
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email: j.lamond@hotmail.com       phone:
31st March 2017
Looking for a donor is looking for a donor
Looking for a wonderful giving person who can help make my dream real. Tried over 4 years of IVF and now looking to an embryo donor for help.
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email: jlentertainers.jk@gmail.com       phone:
31st March 2017
Carole is looking for a donor
Hello. I'm looking for an egg donor or donated embryos to complete my family. I have 1 beautiful 3 year old daughter and despite many attempts earlier this year, I have been told embryo donation is my only chance. My daughter was born under difficult circumstances and was ill for some time afterwards. The strain of this time, meant my partner and I separated. I have always wanted to provide a sibling for my daughter as she fought so hard to be here and I would never want her to be alone later in this life after her parents are gone. I come from a loving and supportive family and would be very open for the child to part of the donors life. Thank you for your time.❤️
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email: cazza1370@gmail.com       phone: 0417980404
31st March 2017
Raleigh Young is looking for a donor
I am a 37 years old African American male in Australia with my partner of 11 years. For the past 8 of those 11 we have been trying to start a family of our own. With no luck this far and lots of lost time and thousands of dollars we are now trying this avenue to see if we can get better results. If you want to know more about us please feel free to contact us at swimcoach1978@gmail.com
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email: swimcoach1978@gmail.com       phone: 0452439770
31st March 2017
Jo-anne zeiz is looking for a donor
We are a couple in our 40's searching for a kind family to donate Embryos to help us to fulfill our baby dream and our empty arms. A little about our lives. We have been married for 15 years but been together for over 30 years, We live in Hinchinbrook, We both work - I work in Aged care and have been an Aged care Nurse for 30 years. Stephen has worked in the Sheetmetal industry for over 30 years. We have a gentle 2 year staffy and x3 out side cats. We are fun kind loving people who want nothing more than to become parents. I come from a big family 2 sisters and 4 brothers and lots of Nieces, Nephews plus great Niece and Nephew. Stephen comes from a fairly small family - 1 sister and 2 brothers and has 5 Nephewd and 1 Niece. Our Fertility journey - We started TTC in our 20's. We tried until i was 27. We had many test and was refered to an IVF cycle in 1998, started Ivf ICIS and had 12 cycles. 11 of the cycles were all OHSS 1 cycle we Had Bio Pregnancy, 2005 We changed clinic. We had 4 cycles at this clinic, the first cycle i got 3 Embryo BFN, the Dr told us there maybe something right with my Eggs the next cycle it was cancell as i had no Eggs i had another 2 cycles and both cycles was another Bio Pg so that was the end of using my Eggs, As our Dr told us that our best option is to search for Egg donor. January 2006 my best friend offered to help us we had 1 cycle BFN. October my Brothers Exgirl offered to help us she gave us 6 Embryos the first cycle was another Bio Pg, NEXT CYCLE HAD fet Bfn, i took a break 2007 our egg donor offer to be a Surrogant with the last 2 Embryos but we were knocked as she was a high risk to us as the Eggs come from her. 2011 i had the last 2 embryos it was Bfn. June 2011, I had a couple from Melbroune contact us they wanted to donate 8 Embryos. We had all the counseling and all the paper work was signed and the transport money was payed we get a phone call telling us that the couple with draw their consent this was so devastating and sad. In 2015 a beaiutful couple from Tamworth contacted us througth another donor site that was in February but i didn't see the message until April that year as i was getting so sad it was by chance that i went on that site and contact the couple they had 2 Embryos to Donated after many long to talks and meet ups We meet in November for our counselor session and the lovely couple gave us the 2 Embryos and in April 2016 i started my FET cycle on the 30 April i had my transfer my periods were due on 10 may i got very light bleed and my bllod test we due on 11 may but i couldn't go to have it as i have been talking care of my FIL who is ill so i did home test x2 was Neg much to my dissappointment i went on saturday 14 may and on Sunday 15 may i got phone call i we were Pregnant but my Progestion levels were low so i took progest to help my level and yester 17 may had another Blood test my levels dropped from 160 to 35 so was told to stop all medication as Im going to Misscarriaged oh how devastating we all are feeling sad. That why i would like help of a kind couple to help us to fulfill our baby dreams and our empty arms. Feel free to contact us by Email or Face book Thank you for reading our story.
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email: fpossem@outlook.com       phone: 0421705855
29th March 2017
Kylie is looking for a donor
My husband and I have been trying for a long time to have children. We long to have a family. My journey has been complex with a endometrial condition which has taken 3 years to fix. Whilst we had embryos to use none have been successful and these attempts were made whilst I had my condition. I am now healthy and unfortunately my last round of ivf resulted in no viable embryos to use. We were put on this earth to be parents and to provide the best life possible to our child. Looking for a donor who wants a warm loving and great life for their embryos.
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email: Kyliewinter@ymail.com       phone: 0407666326
28th March 2017
Kerry Dickman is looking for a donor
Hi, my husband and I are looking for an embryo donor. We have been trying via IVF for 4 years and unfortunately our doctor has suggested that we move down the donor path. We are eager to become parents. I am a receptionist and my husband is in the ambulance service. We just wish to complete our family.
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email: kerrybear6@gmail.com       phone: 0439551970
25th March 2017
Lara is looking for a donor
Hi to all. I am a 34 yrs and my partner is 45. We have been together 7yrs and and endured 2 ivf cycles. Ive since been told im in the midst of early menopause. Due to this im desperate to find a loving person who is able to donate embryos. I have always longed to be a mother and can ensure a stable loving environment. I currently live in Darwin but can travel if required. If you could please help us start a family please email or call the number provided. Hope to hear from an amazing person soon.
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email: Sargentlara@hotmail.com       phone: 0497393511
22nd March 2017
Pixi is looking for a donor
Dear prospective donor. I am a mum with a 7-year-old son. My son really wants to have a sibling and I would like him to have one as well, so he will always have someone close to him when he is older.I can’t have children with my own eggs and have already had IVF twice with donated embryos. The first time it didn’t take. The second time a lovely couple from Sydney donated their last embryo, but sadly I lost the baby at 7 weeks. I thought we would move on from this experience as it was so heart breaking. But our longing for this baby is still very strong.I would be happy to meet anyone in person that would be interested in donated their embryos to us to help expand our little family and give my son the sibling he is longing for. Being a mum already I know the baby would be deeply loved and cared for. Thank you.
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email: pixiegreen07@gmail.com       phone:
20th March 2017
Katherine is looking for a donor
Hi everyone,I'm a just turned 45 year old single woman living in Perth who desperately wants another child. I do have my gorgeous 6 year old son who is quite frankly, my miracle baby as I have had unexplained infertility since my mid 20s. I was pretty much given no hope by doctors, but by miracles of miracles, I conceived naturally & am so incredibly lucky to have my boy in my life. I adore him, but there is still an overwhelming ache in my heart & I yearn to hold another bub in my arms. My son also longs for his mum to pop out a sibling for him! Oh if only it was that easy right?!! LolI thought as time went by, this yearning would diminish, but if anything it's gotten stronger & I know that being 45, time is flying by. I have next to none ovarian reserve, so the time is now really, to see if I can find a wonderful couple or individual who has finished making their family & have embryos left that they would be willing to selflessly donate to me so I can make my family of 2 complete by becoming a family of 3. I work as a successful insurance broker (fantastic family friendly brokerage) & I have a wonderful support network by way of my loving parents, a brother & sister and very close friends.I am open to discussing options when it comes to contact between ourselves & any child born from donor embryos. I would like to think that this child would be able to have contact with your child(ren) as they are biologically related & I feel that it is extremely important to know where you have come from. I am open to discussion as to how we would put this in place as mentioned.Please, I just want to be a mum again & lie awake every night hoping this will happen again for me soon. If you think you may be able to help, please just message me so we can at least have a chat. I do wish everyone on here all the very best & hope your dreams of becoming a parent become a wonderful reality very soon.Katherine
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email: redpetal2@hotmail.com       phone: 0404099828
20th March 2017
Jackie and Mark is looking for a donor
Jackie (44) and Mark (52) We met 4 years ago and married in February 2105. Second marriage for both of us. Mark has 2 children from his previous marriage, 12 year old (IVF) twins a boy and a girl.Mark was the primary carer for the twins from an early age and he has the most amazing bond with them. They call him the Mummy-Daddy. We have the twins 50% of the time on a week about arrangement.Jackie has no children, and has had 3 miscarriages.We decided early on in our marriage that we wanted to have a child together so we could share our love and lives with them. This was not possible for us naturally as Mark is a paraplegic due to a motorbike accident in his 20’s. we looked to IVF to help us, but after 2 failed IVF cycles soon discovered that I have very low egg count and my eggs are of very poor quality and Marks sperm is very difficult to collect, so we have been advised to look at alternative options.We are a fit and healthy couple who enjoy being outdoors. We love camping, kayaking, swimming and cycling. We believe in old fashioned values and teach our children the same. Belief in self and respect for self and others being top priority.We love all animals and have many, including dogs, cats and a horse. Jackie enjoys horse riding and is teaching the twins basic horsemanship and riding.We live on 1 acre in a small town, 1 hour from Newcastle. We have the best of both worlds as we are close enough to services offered in the city but come home in the evening to fresh air and star filled skies.We promise to provide a loving, caring and supportive environment to any precious child born to us.We are happy for you to contact us directly to discuss anything further.Warm Regards Jackie
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email: Aujake@coloplast.com       phone: 0412445498
20th March 2017
leanne is looking for a donor
I am 40 years old and have had no success in falling pregnant with my partner of ten years we went to the doctor and i have very low egg reserves and my partner has low sperm count. we would dearly love to have a child together,to love and give him or her a great loving and stable life.I would love to hear from any one interested in donating to us.We would be very grateful and would also be interested in seeing the family that donated to us in the future if they wanted to keep in contact with us if a child or children were born to us if this was the familes wishes.
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email: leannewilson80@gmail.com       phone: 0416019204
10th March 2017
Fiona is looking for a donor
My husband and I have been together 9 years, married for 4 years. I'm 42 and my husband is 52. We tried naturally for a child and have done 2 IVF's. Our last IVF wa close, however our little one left us just a couple of days before our wedding 4 years ago. Too heart broken to try again we have got on with our lives.We know time is running out and that there is a huge gap in our lives we would love a donation of an embryo. We are financially secure, holding a good job and my husband has his own business. We are well respected within our community, healthy, active and happy people and would love to have a baby.
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email: fgrenfell@gmail.com       phone: 0419653054
27th February 2017
Hayu Burton is looking for a donor
Hi I'm Hayu, I'm Indonesian and I married with Australian, we already married about 3 years but we really struggle for try conceive. On 2015 doctor said I must have cyst surgery cause I have 3 big cyst on my ovaries. And my husband have bad sprem. We really struggle for have baby, we try for adoption but it's really difficult cause we are mixed marriage. We try for search donor sperm but till now on we not yet find. I really hope in this site we can have the answer and chance for have a baby for start our little family. Thank you Warm regards Hayu Burton
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email: hayuriri@gmail.com       phone: 0413597527
26th February 2017
Sharon is looking for a donor
Hi,My name is Sharon, i am a single 42 year old, full time employed single woman with a history of endometriosis.I have struggled to find myself a decent man over the years and always had the belief that I will start having children when the right man comes along. This didn't happen. A few years back I decided to go it alone. I went through 2 rounds of IVF using donor sperm. The first round produced just one viable embryo that I miscarried due to a growth/infection I had in my uterus. The second round failed to produce any viable embryos. I've had Endometriosis removed several times and each time a curette was carried out therefore removing all the lining and that infection out of my uterus and all is normal again.My gyno advised it is highly unlikely the infection/growth would return and that I should be able to carry an embryo with no problems.My IVF doctor however informed me that I would require donor eggs as well as donor sperm as my eggs were not good quality.I fell pregnant naturally in 2015 which ended in a miscarriage most likely due to poor egg quality and that is why the embryo did not last past 8 weeks.So I'm putting myself out there - hoping like anything that someone will give me a chance at becoming a mother.I am full time employed, I have a mortgage and two beautiful dogs. I have a very supportive network consisting of family and friends. And I'm open to discussion should you even think about wanting your children to have contact with their possible siblings should you decide to choose me to receive your embryos.I want more than anything to become a mum. I've looked at all the options of going overseas for embryos and looking in Australia for donor eggs and sperm etc. It's a very costly process which makes it harder for a single woman to go down that path.And even if you do not choose me, I just want to say thank you for wanting to donate your embryos - it's such an amazing thing to do!Love and hugs to everyone on this site! Thank you
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email: hardensharon@hotmail.com       phone: 0418495066
8th February 2017
Mei and David is looking for a donor
We a loving couple are seeking kind couples who are willing to donate their excess/unused embryos to assist us to fulfil our dream of having children. We are well educated, financially stable and have a healthy life style. My husband and I met and got married later in life and got married in my 40s. We couldn’t conceive naturally, so doctor suggested us to try with IVF. Even though fit and healthy, I often had early ovulation during IVF, so missed the chance to collect my eggs and my treatment had to be cancelled. After trying for a year, our doctor suggested us to stop our IVF journey and to look for embryo donation or adoption. That’s the only option we have now to have children. We don’t expect too much, but still keep our hope in our heart. In God’s mercy, everything is possible. Now we look for embryo donation as we believe every embryo is precious. Donating unused embryos (instead of disposing them) will bless other couples who cannot have their own children, like us. I always have a dream to be a devoted mother for my future children, even if they are not my biological children. Being pregnant is also an emotional and physical experience that not every woman has or wants to have, but that is an amazing journey that I have always dreamed of. Through embryo donation, I may be able to achieve that dream. We commit to love our future children and provide them with a safe, happy and healthy family environment. Children will also be a blessing to my mum (my dad has passed away) who has been waiting for a long time to be a grand-mother, but has no grand-children yet at all. If we are blessed with children from donated embryos, we will be happy to keep a good relationship with our donor. I hope that we can find a generous donor soon while I am still under 50. My doctor said I still have a chance before 50. We live in Sydney, but we are ok to travel, if needed. Related cost will be covered. Please email us. Regards, Mei & David.
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email: mei_ra06@yahoo.co.id       phone:
6th February 2017
Louise Wise is looking for a donor
I lost my only daughter in an accident .I have been through the menopause but my health is excellent. I would dearly love another baby. I will always have that void for my lovely daughter however I do have so much love to give
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email: agent99.mi6@gmail.com       phone: 0488311122
2nd February 2017
Neil and Jasmine is looking for a donor
Hello my name is Jasmine, My partner Neil and I have been TTC for nearly 11years now and have had no luck with both IVF & ICSI rounds failing due to PCOS complications and extremely low count and motility sperm. We have been together for 12 wonderful years and own our own home in central Qld. We are both Caucasian with light brown hair and brown eyes and would love to hear from you if you have available embryos for donation to make our dream of becoming parents come true. We would love nothing more to make this a reality as you know the heartache of infertility is very painful. We both love fishing and the outdoors and cherish the time we have with our nieces and nephews, all that is missing is our own children. Our hearts are full of love to give and cannot wait until the day we bring our babies home. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a wonderful day xx
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email: Jasmine.bale@hotmail.com       phone: 0448948908
1st February 2017
Mandie is looking for a donor
We are a fun loving, healthy , financially secure couple who after we 7 years and 16 unsuccessful IVF cycles have now been told donated embryos are our only hope of achieving our dream of a baby, to make our family complete.We're originally from the UK and came to Australia in 2010 are now citizens and Australia is definitely our home, we'll never return to the UK!We love the outdoors, keeping fit and healthy and have bought a beautiful house close to the beach, with great parks and schools and are just missing a baby to share it all with. If you have embryos and would consider donating them to us , please contact me by email at MandieJ28@yahoo.com or call 0455 166605. We look forward to hearing from you, thanks for reading!Documented actual expenditure incurred on medical expenses and associated travel costs will be reimbursed. The text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by s.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic)( January 2017).
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email: MandieJ28@yahoo.com       phone: 0455166605
31st January 2017
Ines pleger is looking for a donor
I always wanted to have a big family ...I have 2 little girls - one IVF , one from an egg donation ..I was 4 times pregnant following an embryo donation - but lost all of them.I just lost my twins at 11 weeks in October ...I am desperate to find someone who would love to make our family a bit bigger ..One piece is missing ...
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email: Pleger.ines@gmail.com       phone: 0450066218
29th January 2017
E and R is looking for a donor
Can you please help?? We are a wonderful family of three, our daughter just turning five We had an incredible journey and challenge to have her, and we would be so delighted if we could find an embryo donor to help us complete our family to four. We are a financially stable couple in our late forties and had to face many challenges to have children. If you have the precious gift of an embryo (s) please contact us and we can share our complete story with you. We are looking forward to hopefully meeting a special donor. Please reply to the attached email. Many thanks in advance.......
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email: ezimm33@yahoo.com       phone:
27th January 2017
marylouise presswood is looking for a donor
Hi I am in my later 40's I am looking for donor embryo's from a generous caring person or couple. I have been let down twice from two ladies offering me donor eggs and have spent money on them and then they have not gone through with it. I was heart broken as you can imagine, to get so close and then left empty. Unfortunately time is running out for me, so time is of the essence. I imagine everyday that a miracle will happen and I just hope someone can help me. My IVF nurse told me to try the internet. I have been waiting on the waiting list for sooo long but because I am single everyone bypasses me. Please help me the tears I cry from my heart to be a mother is drowning my life. To become a mother and be given this gift to have a beautiful baby I can watch grow and blossom into a beautiful person is all I can ask for. Please I am with the sunshine coast ivf thankyou marylouise
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email: wolfress@hotmail.com       phone: 0403037428
23rd January 2017
Bonnie is interested in donating
Looking for a happy and loving home for 6 frozen embryos made when I was 30yo. My husband and I have completed our family and would like to give someone else the chance to do the same. We are both Caucasian with blue eyes and brown hair. We are looking to donate to a person or couple who are open to sharing some information about our respective children (or future children) as the years progress. We are also hoping to find a recipient with a commitment to equality, respect and social justice. If this sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.
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email: bon_@hotmail.com       phone:
14th January 2017
Marnie Addison is looking for a donor
There is many women in my situation, but I need to try and appeal to anyone that can help me. I escaped from an abusive relationship and this included me having a miscarriage early in the relationship, but then knew I could not bring a precious gift and a desperately wanted child, in to the world, in this situation. I escaped and was determined to rebuild my life and have worked 2 jobs to do so. I knew that the only thing I ever wanted in my life was to be a Mother. I have now put myself through multiple rounds of IVF, spent a fortune trying, using donar sperm and only days before Christmas this year, I lost my little miracle that was implanted earlier in December. I am devastated! I have just left the fertility specialists room, who told me my eggs are now not really viable due to my age.. (mature woman), my only real prospect is to seek an egg donor, but an embryo donation would be my one and last chance.... I waited to be sure my child would never be exposed to anything negative, and feel nothing but safe and happy, only positivity and most of all.. LOVE. If there is a couple out there, who can help me fulfill my one dream in life.. I will be forever eternally grateful! Thank you ... please contact me at any time. Genuine individuals only please. This is difficult enough, do not need scammers being involved. Marnie
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email: marnieaddison@hotmail.com       phone: 0417690719
11th January 2017
Kathleen Jones is looking for a donor
Myself and my husband are both Registered Nurses. We both have complete criminal history checks. We have a 4 yr old girl who we desperately would like to give a sibling. My inability to concieve derives from an infection I acquired after the loss of a baby at 15 weeks.
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email: kathes77@hotmail.com       phone: 0477171152
31st December 2016
Natasha Ramsay is looking for a donor
I'm 42yrs old and been advised that I can no longer bear my own biological children. I have heard that some gracious parents donate their embryos. I would like to find a lovely couple with islander, African or Latino background that would kindly consider me. With much appreciation in advance.
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email: nat601@me.com       phone: 0410461975
28th December 2016
jane is looking for a donor
Hi. I am 46, from African background, married to a Caucasian (49). we have been trying for a baby with no success. Have had 3 failed IVFs (own eggs and 1 using donor eggs.married for 3yrs. we are Looking for a helping hand from an embryo donor.
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27th December 2016
Gillian and David is looking for a donor
My husband and I met a little later in life and have now been happily now married for 5 years. At 38, after a long illness that culminated in a very successful transplant, I was healthy and cleared for pregnancy. It was something that I never thought would be possible but we were living the dream… with the help of IVF after things didn’t go to plan. We were lucky enough to find a surrogate as that was still a safer option all round. Unfortunately, just before our second attempt at a transfer, our lovely friend had to stop due to some health concerns of her own. We forged ahead, jumping through hoops again to transfer our remaining 4 embryos, but one by one, they just didn’t work. Devastation hit when we realised there were no more embryos left to transfer and our options were diminishing. Once again we were extremely fortunate to have two family members offer their eggs. We knew it was a gamble due to their ages but were touched with how quickly they jumped to help us. One cousin was suitable for this and we gratefully accepted her donation last week. We gowned up ready for transfer but were pulled into a private room to be told that the two remaining embryos from 10 eggs just didn’t make it. So here we are, back to making new plans (because that’s what we do) and regrouping. Who are we? Well, we are resilient, that’s for sure. My husband is one of the funniest people I know and he has a way about him that people respond to. He is asked to train all the new employees as he is the “nicest” and wins awards for just being who is he, all the time. He’s smart. I can’t say enough good things about him (and probably don’t have the space). He moved from the USA to Australia to make a life here with me as we were not sure the health system overseas would be of any benefit for me. He left two parents, a grandmother and two brothers plus other family and friends. He left a good job to start over in a foreign country. Currently, he works full time and is studying part time at Uni. He’s the one my grandmother goes to when she needs help and my parents love him to pieces. I work full time at a large cancer care clinic in administration and am smart (I think?), not as funny as Dave (or maybe not really funny at all, Dave would have to answer this) and am a pretty stable and positive person. We initially met in an online game in 2005 at a fishing hole, only to come across each other again four years later. I dug out an old screenshot I’d kept of our first meeting and said, “You’re that Troll from four years ago!”. I think that screenshot must have been magic because things progressed from there with two visits for holidays and then for the transplant. The happiest moment of my life was when I first saw him after transplant, but that could have been all the narcotics I was on at the time. Our wedding and every day since has been pretty well rated too. We would love to raise a child of our own. We would be happy with just one and are of course, accepting children up to the age of 18. Got a pesky teenager or a four year old that just won’t go to sleep? We’re right here! All jokes aside, if someone can help us, please know this child will be loved to another solar system and back. We have parents ready to be grandparents and we’re ready to share our lives and become three (or more).
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email: gillian.strull@gmail.com       phone: 0468814521
24th December 2016
Adele & Eric is looking for a donor
What would make our Christmas dreams come true? Sharing this special time with our child. To give them love and joy and encouragement to be the best they can be. Always being there for them as they learn about life and grow into confident, responsible and compassionate young adults. We want go on this journey with our own son or daughter and are committed to devoting ourselves to them. If this sounds like the sort of parents you are looking for when you donate your embryos, we would love to hear from you.
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email: jeebez@hotmail.com       phone: +61(0)403182120
24th December 2016
Renuka is looking for a donor
i am 46 and live in NSW
EmailGet in touch with this person
email: renuka08@optusnet.com.au       phone: 0406045054
23rd December 2016
David and Mary is looking for a donor
Hi, my name is David and my beautiful wife is Mary. My wife and I didn't meet till our late 30's. We conceived naturally in 2012, but tragically our baby boy died shortly after a premature birth at 23 weeks. Neither of us truly realised how much we wanted a childuntil we held our baby boy in our arms as he passed and knew we couldn't keep him.We were determined to try again. We figured it wouldn't take long to conceive again. After all our first boy had been conceived so quickly and easily. So for the next 15 months, my wife and I tried again naturally, without success, before finally turning to IVF for assistance.Our initial test results showed low egg counts, but on advice, we went ahead with IUI before proceeding to full blown IVF. After three failed IUI attempts we were then recommended to move to full IVF. However, on our first attempt, despite initial promising signs, no eggs were able to be retrieved.Our specialist has advised us that my wife appears to no longer be able to provide us with eggs of her own. Our best option for a child now is with the amazing gift of a donor egg or embryo. Now with my wife at 40 and myself at 42, we desperately need help to have a child of our own, a grand-child for our parents to dote on, a precious gift to raise and love. We're both financially stable, living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and have strong family support.Legislation requires that the donation of human tissue must be altruistic; inducements or financial negotiations are not permitted, however any documented expenditure incurred on medical expenses and associated travel costs may be reimbursed.If you feel that you're able to help us, we would love to hear from you. We can be contacted on 0419 466 744 (David) or 0426 261 975 (Mary). Alternately you can email msmamet@gmail.comThe text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by s.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (February 2015).
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email: msmamet@gmail.com       phone: 0426261975
23rd December 2016
Tracy and David is looking for a donor
Hi my name is Tracy Maas. I am 33 yrs old and my husband is 34. We both have children from previous relationships but are unable to have a child of our own, this is some thing we both have longed for. I have tried so hard to fill the empty space with other things but the yearn to have a child is to much. My own eggs are no good and i have type one diabetes and asthma which i developed after i had my children. These can be passed on to our child if we were able to get any good eggs from myself. We have been hurt very badly by what we thought was a close friend who offered to be a surrogate for us. All she did was take us for a ride and broke our dreams. I was very dis heartened for 12 months and thought we were all out of options. Please help us to reach our goal of having a child to call our own. Both My husband and myself are open to sharing photos and staying in touch if this is what the donor wishes to do. The way we see it is some times it takes a huge family to make a baby and to raise a child. Please consider us. Thanks Tracy and David Maas
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email: tracymaas@live.com       phone:
17th December 2016
Kathy is looking for a donor
We are a couple in our 40's searching for a kind family to donate Embryos to help us to fulfill our baby dream and our empty arms. We have been married for 11 years and live in Brisbane. We have been trying for a baby for many years with several failed IVF attempts. We were told on several occasions by our IVF specialists that my ovaries are not functioning well and that the quality of my eggs are also very poor therefore the chances of me getting pregnant with my own eggs are very slim. We were hoping the doctors were wrong but we have finally come to the realization that we need help. We are looking for eggs or embryos for donation. Can you help us? All we want to is to experience parenthood. Our dream is to bring up a child and to see that little person grow and flourish because of the love and nourishment we give to her/him. Me and my husband are both motivated and hardworking people. We live a very healthy life style. We don’t drink, or smoke. We love camping, fishing and cooking (yes cooking, we enjoy cooking healthy and tasty food and share with our families and friends) Me and my husband have so far lived a happy and fulfilling life together, all we want now is a child to make us a family. If you could help that would make our dream come true, for which we will forever be grateful. Thank you for reading our story and we look forward to hearing from you soon. With lots of love, Kathy and Shawn
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email: shawnq82@gmail.com       phone: +61451899655
6th December 2016
leanne is looking for a donor
we am looking for a doner embryo or eggs my husband and i have been trying to conceive a baby for 5 years with numbers of failed attempts at ivf and other treatments.We have so dearly wished for a child for so long and would treasure and love a child so much to educate and to be the best parents and role models for a child or children.I have been reading other peoples stories and i feel for them i wish every one the best of luck and hope that some person or persons can help us thank you.
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email: leannewilson80@gmail.com       phone: 0416019204
28th November 2016
Jean-Marie Hoe is looking for a donor
I am 42 years of age and have been on my baby journey for over 4 years. After two failed IVF treatments with QFG I was told I have a very low reserve of my own eggs and the eggs I do have are not very strong. Part of my journey has also involved a relationship post my previous IVF attempts where 'having a family' was the goal but when it came down to my ex partner actually trying IVF he just couldn't do it. Having a family is integral to who I am, so I pressed on and two people I know came forward as known donors, however the week my sperm donors sperm was released from the 3 month quarantine period my known egg donor told me she herself was 7 weeks pregnant, that was a month ago. As you can imagine I was devastated. But as you know on this journey you have to stay positive, brush yourself off and never give up. So, now I have two options where I can look for a new egg donor or find an embryo donor. Either way I am looking for donors who are committed to this and where the process is more stable especially considering my recent experience. Financially I am relatively stable and have spent the past four years saving every penny outside of the thousands I have already spent on my journey, sacrificing a lot to set myself up to support a family. I go to acupuncture weekly, spending hundreds on premium vitamins and I am on a constant detox including a mostly gluten free diet and work hard at going to the gym to stay fit and keep my life calm and balanced wherever possible to increase my chances of falling pregnant when I find the right donor. Once I find the right donor I will be doing a major detox so that I give my chance of falling pregnant everything I have. I am open to my child knowing their donor's and am committed to my child knowing how they came about from day one, being transparent for my child is very important to me. I am hoping someone out there reads my story, understands where I am at and is willing to help me, you will be making my lifelong dream come to life - literally.
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email: Jeanmarie.hoe@gmail.com       phone: 0421013411
2nd October 2016
Trudy Field is looking for a donor
Hi there!! We are a family of three from Adelaide, South Australia, who are desperate to become four. We met later in life and know we were incredibly blessed to conceive our son Zachary almost immediately. Unfortunately we have been unable to have a baby since. 3 IVFs and three miscarriages (chromosomal issues) later, we are hopeful embryo donation is the way to go....I am able to conceive and carry a child, but my eggs are poor quality. A bit about us......we are Trudy (41), Simon (35), Zac (4) and Lucy (18 month old spoodle dog!!). I am a stay at home mum and a registered nurse 2 days per week, Simon is an engineer. Zac is a spirited, affectionate, cuddly, fun kindy boy who is the absolute love of our lives. He would be an amazing brother and we long to give him a sibling. Together we love camping, 4 wheel driving, short holidays, bike riding, the beach, and catching up with friends and family. We own our own home next to a stunning gorge, where we like to go walking and paddling with Zac and Lucy. We would love to hear from you if you would like to know more about us. We believe embryos are life waiting to be given a chance, and we would be ever so grateful for the chance to give your precious snow babies the chance of a happy life. We would treat any child born just like our Zachary and would never take he or her for granted. We know this must be a really big decision to donate embryos and so we would do anything possible to make this journey easier on the donor family. This includes travelling anywhere needed and of course paying for all expenses. We are also more than happy to agree to the arrangements desired by the donor family in terms of updates and future contact, provided of course that it is in an appropriate way for any children born. If no contact is preferred, that is fine too.We look forward to hearing from you :)
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email: divergirl75@hotmail.com       phone: 0870734619
1st September 2016
Lisa Currow is looking for a donor
Hi there, my name is Lisa, I'm 42 and happily single! I do wish to become a mother, but after 3 failed IVF attempts, that wish is getting further away. I have been told the failures were basically due to my age, and egg quality, so I am now hoping for a miraculous donation. If you would like to discuss further, or even have hints and tips, please email. Best wishes, Lisa
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email: lmcurrow@hotmail.com       phone:
14th July 2016
Mel is looking for a donor
Hello. My name is Mel, and I'm looking for a donor, and this is my last option available to become a mother.For 5years my partner and I tried to have a child, both naturally and with fertility treatment, with no success, although I did conceive but then miscarried. Most recently we tried IVF last year, which culminated in the cycle being cancelled as my follicles just didn't quite grow big enough.My partner was keen to "keep it natural", and resisted the doctor's urging to step up treatment due to our age and his poor sperm quality. He just didn't understand the unlikelihood of us conceiving again. He has 2children, but was keen to extend his family.He is based overseas at present, and I haven't travelled with him, in part because I have two beloved pets, one of whom is 22yo, who are too old for international travel and I won't leave them.I've decided to seek a donor now, because I am not ready to give up all hope of being a mum, and because sadly too much time has already been wasted. Should I find a donor, I may well be open to raising my child within a relationship - possibly with the man I began this journey with, or another - but the needs of my child will come first. I've thought a lot about becoming a parent at an older age, and especially possibly a single parent. The benefits of parenthood in later life can be significant. Personally I am more financially secure, and greater maturity is coupled with more realistic expectations. I am calmer and much more patient, and more easily satisfied with the simpler things in life. I also have greater awareness of both personal faults and foibles, as well as my positive skills and attributes - all of which will contribute to making me a better parent now.I have a secure job in a long term position that I enjoy, and as a nurse I will be able to continue to work part time as desired, with the ability to increase my shifts over time as my child's needs alter.There are eager grandparents waiting in the wings, siblings ready to be aunt and uncle, and a network of extended family and friends keen and willing to be involved.There is a real sadness and grief at not being able to conceive and raise a child with my partner, despite our love and commitment. But I have to accept that I have exhausted all fertility options open to me, and now all my prayers and hopes lie in being able to find a donor to help me on my way to motherhood.Do you think you could perhaps be that woman?If so, please contact me, even if you just want some more information or have questions.Below is my ad applying for permission to advertise for a donor, as is required by Victorian law."I am a Caucasian woman in her mid-40s, with blue eyes, brown hair and fair skin. After unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally I have been undergoing fertility treatment, including IVF. I have been advised that my best option for motherhood is via egg or embryo donation.I am healthy, fit, financially secure and gainfully employed. I have a wide range of interests and can offer a warm, loving and secure home for my child, with a focus on a simple life with family, beloved pets and friends.Would you consider helping me by donating your embryos? I am in search of a lovely, generous-hearted woman who is willing and able to help me fulfil my dreams of becoming a mother. If you have completed your family, are in good health and are 35yo or under, please contact me on:haematite56@gmail.comDocumented actual expenditure incurred in medical expenses and associated travel costs will be reimbursed. The text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by s.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic) (December, 2015.)" e4057673.
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email: haematite56@gmail.com       phone:
16th June 2016
Miki Pouteau is looking for a donor
Hi, my name is Miki (43) and my husband is Julien (36). We have been married 10years and live in Sydney for 6 years. Japanese and French backgrounds. We have tried 10 IVF's in last 10 years including 2 egg donors however none of them were successful. Never been able to have frozen embryos in each cycles. I have recently been diagnosed with high NCKs by my FS, which might be a reason for all our previous failed attempts. We have a new hope now with a new protocol to try! We are very excited but we need a help for a good embryo. we are looking for a lovely couple to make our dream comes true! We are happy to travel within Australia and open/close relationship in the future. If you might be able to help us or have any questions, please feel free to contact by e-mail. Thank you very much for taking time to read about us. Looking forward to hearing from you...Miki & Julien
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email: mimijuju76@gmail.com       phone: 0400298403
21st May 2016
Shaun and Renee is looking for a donor
Hi, I'm Renee and my husbands name is Shaun,  (pronounced Shane). Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider us as potential loving parents to your embryo/s. Shaun and I have been married for 4.5years and have been together 9.5 years. Shaun is 48 and I turn 40 in May. We live in north west Queensland currently and in the near furture are looking at relocating back towards south east queensland somewhere close to our family. Shaun has two biological children and a step daughter. They first met when she was two weeks old. She calls him dad and he treats and loves her as his own. I have never had any children of my own. I was waiting until I found my bestfriend, my lover and wanting to be financially comfortable and to be married first. Now after 3 full cycles of ivf with 6 transfers with no luck my specialist now believes that my eggs are not of good quality.  😢I am getting very worried as i am now reaching 40 with no success. I've wanted childen all of my life and i believe i would make a great mother and together we would be wonderful parents. Its heart breaking and gut renching and im hoping that one day i will be happy and fulfilled but very scared and worried that its not going to happen for me. We are hoping and preying that we find a big hearted  donor who can help make my dreams come true. We would be very greatful to have the opportunity of being wonderful, loving parents together to your embryo and our potential child. Your welcome to contact us on ramgibson@bigpond.com to discuss further and ask any questions you may have. Thank you again for your consideration. Renee and Shaun
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email: ramgibson@bigpond.com       phone: +61407672261
3rd May 2016
Vanessa is looking for a donor
My name is Vanessa and I have struggled greatly to become pregnant.I truly believe life happens for a reason, and just because it doesn’t run as you planed, it doesn’t mean that in the end you won’t find true happiness.For me, it was two relationships in a row with men who were in need of life saving surgery. One died and the other almost died, but this one lost any chance of ever having a baby. Years where I put it all out of my mind. Eventually I fell in love again, however when I became pregnant, this one deserted us both. To this date, he has never come to see his child, asked the sex of his child or to know her name, and his family have also decided to not be a part of our lives. Now I have a three year old little girl who is my everything. I love her more than I knew possible, but my heart aches for another child to complete our little family. Almost every day, my little girl asks me "are you pregnant mummy? I want a little sister or brother to play with!".Being on my own, obviously it's extremely hard for me to become pregnant, so I sought a Melbourne fertility clinic to help me. For over a year I tried IVF and IUI using donor sperm. However apart from one time when I miscarried, time and time again I failed to become pregnant. The emotional disappointment and sadness I feel for not being able to complete my family and not being able to give my little girl a sibling, is huge. My greatest wish, is that somewhere out there, somebody cares enough, to help us out and give to us this gift of love. A gift that would mean that a little girl, could always say "I have a family. I have a mummy and a sister (or brother)". And I would feel secure knowing that if anything ever happened to me, both the children would have each other to rely on and to love.After over a year of trying, my fertility doctor then told me she was fairly certain that the only way I could have another child, was to use the gift of a donor egg/embryo.Please, are you able to help me by donating your embryos? And are you able to give my little girl the sibling that she is so desperately wanting? It's important that there is an open door for any contact between the child and the amazing donor. I believe its so very important for the child to be able to meet and have contact with the person who gave them life. I think it would give the child a sense of being to know where he/she came from and to know that it was conceived out of pure love. I have fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair. I am 5ft 9in, am happy, balanced and educated. I believe in equality, peace, kindness and respect. I have never had things easy and have worked hard for everything that I have, and yet I am dealt with blow after blow of bad luck. This being said. I believe that being positive is the key to enjoying life and being empowered by it. I don't smoke, drink or use any form of drugs. I live a clean life, are caring, respectful and honest, and pride myself in trying my best in everything I do.Should you wish to ask me further questions, please email or phone me.. I know you would have as many questions of me as I would have of you.My email address is v.proctor@yahoo.com.auThank you so much for your time, energy and thought you have put into getting to this stage. You truly are an angel.Warmest regards,Vanessa
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email: v.proctor@yahoo.com.au       phone: 0417305425
22nd April 2016
Kylie Clarke-Watson is looking for a donor
My husband and I are looking for a couple that are willing to donate their 'angel' embryos to us. We have just found out a few short weeks ago we are unable to have children naturally after our last cycle failed. If you have embryos that you may like to donate to us and help start our dream of starting a family, please contact us and we would be more than happy to chat more about ourselves. We live in the Illawarra area. Thanks for taking the time to read our dream of being parents.
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email: kyliec@live.com.au       phone: 0414613727
18th April 2016
Hollie is looking for a donor
Hello. Im Hollie, 30 years old and have been in a very long same sex relationship with my partner Margo age 39. We live in South Australia. We have been trying for a baby for 11 years. I have undergone surgeries and alot of other fertility treatment to fufill having a family with no success. I have a very low egg reserve so we are looking for embryos. Theres nothing more in this world we would love more than to become parents and be a family, If you think you could help we would love to hear from you. Thank you for taking time out to read a little about us. <3
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email: hollie.ruddock@outlook.com       phone:
8th April 2016
Jennifer is looking for a donor
Thank you for reading my post. I am 40yrs old and had undergone 5yrs of IVF before I was blessed with my little one. A few years later, my husband and I separated. I come from a very close knit family and have longed for a little brother or sister for my daughter so that she too can experience the love, companionship and support that comes from a sibling. I have tried another 3 rounds of IVF with donor sperm, with the hopes of making that dream come true but sadly, I haven't been able to fulfill that dream and am now hoping that you may consider us as a family that you would like to donate to. My daughter is mixed race (Australian and Chinese) and I am very appreciative of any precious gift you are able to offer. I am a firm believer in good memories as I feel that great memories can bring a lifetime of joy and positivity. I understand that the majority of donors prefer a couple, however, if we could be a family that you could consider donating to, please allow me to explain how I believe I can provide your embryo with a environment that is nurturing, financially secure, stable and full of love. Best part is that they will have a big sister who will cherish them.
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email: purpleslipper1@gmail.com       phone:
6th April 2016
Amelia Chen is looking for a donor
I am 44 years old. I came from Singapore and Malaysia currently living in Sydney. My husband works as a Marketing manager and I am run my own company. We tried having a child for more than 10 years without any success even with IVF. Our hopes of having a child have diminished. I am looking for someone who can donate their unused embryos. I look forward to hear from you. May God bless you in advance.
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email: chenasg@hotmail.com       phone:
5th April 2016
Eva is looking for a donor
hello, my name is Eva and I really want a little brother or sister to play with. I love babies and will make the best big sister in the whole wide world. Please consider my mummy and daddy, thanks
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email: violettapanicki@yahoo.com       phone: 0415031269
5th April 2016
JENNY ON BE HALF OF KATHY is looking for a donor
Kathy and Shawn are looking for a donor. Hi, we are a married couple from Tweed Heads (the border of NSW and QLD). We are in our late 30s and have been trying for a baby for many years with several failed IVF attempts. We were told on several occasions by our IVF specialists that my ovaries are not functioning well and that the quality of my eggs are also very poor therefore the chances of me getting pregnant with my own eggs are very slim. We were hoping the doctors were wrong but we have finally come to the realization that we need help. We are looking for eggs or embryos for donation. Can you help us? All we want to is to experience parenthood. Our dream is to bring up a child and to see that little person grow and flourish because of the love and nourishment we give to her/him. Me and my husband are both motivated and hardworking people. We live a very healthy life style. We don’t drink, or smoke. We love camping, fishing and cooking (yes cooking, we enjoy cooking healthy and tasty food and share with our families and friends) Me and my husband have so far lived a happy and fulfilling life together, all we want now is a child to make us a family. If you could help that would make our dream come true, for which we will forever be grateful. Thank you for reading our story and we look forward to hearing from you soon. With lots of love, Kathy and Shawn
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email: shawnq82@gmail.com       phone: 0451872588
25th March 2016
latrice is looking for a donor
I am 26, and fighting pcos.
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email: cuppycakesprinkles143@gmail.com       phone:
21st March 2016
Kristie Morris is looking for a donor
Hi, my name is Kristie. I’m a 40 year old single woman living on the Gold Coast. I work as a paralegal and spent the last 20 years working in family law, focusing on child custody, child protection and domestic violence. I have recently transitioned over to conveyancing for a change of pace and to work 4 days a week. I’m also completing my Bachelor of Education (Primary school) part time… it’s a long slog but will be worth it in the end. I can’t wait to teach little people! How did I end up being 40, single and no children… good question, one I ask myself a lot… but honestly, like a lot of women, I just never met the right man that I felt happy to start a family with, and the ones I did, had had vasectomies and didn’t want more children. I desperately want children, always have, but I grew up in an extremely close, loving and supportive family and that’s what I wanted for my children. Unfortunately, the years whizzed by and here I am…When my last relationship ended I realised I couldn’t wait for Mr Right anymore and I started my TTC journey with Monash on the Gold Coast. At that time there was no indication that I had fertility issues, other than being ‘socially infertile’ aka single… We tried several IUIs with no success, then found that I had a blocked tube. We then moved onto IVF and the first round no eggs fertilised. We decided to try ICSI but still, my FS was shocked that I wasn’t getting many eggs to fertilise and the few that did were poor quality. In December 2015 I had a laparoscopy and found stage 3 endometriosis. This was cut out and one final IVF cycle was done to see if it had improved my egg quality. It hadn’t...Over the 15 months of what felt like continual cycles and an all-consuming, emotional rollercoaster, only two embryos made it to transfer and neither of them took. It was this last round that my FS and myself finally said enough and conceded that my egg quality just wasn’t there and I would need to find a donor to complete my dream of having children. I would like to find donor embryos if possible, as I am single and would be using donor sperm anyway… Also the idea of giving life and a loving family to an already created embryo just feels like the right path for me if I can’t have a genetic child. I hope that I find a kind and generous donor who would be prepared to allow their precious embryos to be adopted by an intelligent, loving, compassionate, funny, active, athletic single woman who desperately wants to be a mum. My family are so supportive of me becoming a mother and have been there every stop of this journey. I own a property with my family that is dual living so my parents are on hand for support and assistance whenever they are needed. They are both still quite young and very active and are doting, hands on grandparents to my 3 ½ year old niece and almost 2 year old nephew, who live a block away and we see most days. Those two little people have been what’s got me through the last year or so. My donor would be able to be comfortable in the knowledge that any children born from their embryos would be part of an amazing family that would surround them with so much love and affection and provide them with everything they could need and would be told from the start, the incredible story of how they were created and how loved and wanted they were.There is a lot more to me, so if you have any questions or want to know more, I'd love to hear from you.
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email: kristieann75@hotmail.com       phone: 0438633990
20th March 2016
klara chludil is looking for a donor
I am 41 ...28th march and I am single and have my own place and work part time and I am a non smoker and a non drinker. I am ready to be a mother
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email: cocochanel7566@hotmail.com       phone: 0427 727 112
12th March 2016
Louise is looking for a donor
My name is Louise and my partner and I are desperate for a baby to love.After numerous IVF attempts (8 or 9 now) and the constant heartbreaking disappointment, we are now looking for an egg or embryo donors. We are in our early 40s, have been in a wonderful relationship together for more than 20 years and have a beautiful, stable and very loving extended family, with lots of kids around us. We are both extremely healthy (non-smokers, fit, no illnesses) and, thankfully, are also blessed with a good family medical history. We are based in the ACT but are happy to travel. Our background is European (Italian, French, Scottish) and Australian. We’d love to talk with you about your kind donation; we are happy to have a level of ongoing contact too! We are also most happy to reimburse verified/receipted medical expenses incurred in this donation process, as well as some travel, if needed.Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you xxx
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email: LouiseNF@mail.com       phone: 0410692639
7th March 2016
Lisa is looking for a donor
My name is Lisa and despite not finding my ideal life partner, I would love to become a mother. I've had a rich and varied life, but none of my relationships were quite right to bring a child into the world to cherish together. I always thought I had more time, and after travelling, living all over the world and experiencing the joys of life, I suddenly find myself without the egg quality to have a baby of my own. I've been through numerous IVF cycles as a single woman and despite producing follicles I don't have the egg quality needed to make a baby. I have used a sperm donor with no success and my specialist has advised me that donor embryos are my only option. I have spent many months processing and considering embryo donation and I have come to a place in mind where I would dearly cherish a child to love and raise, and my only chance is with donor embryos. I am a successful, stable, happy woman with a close family. I enjoy time with my nieces and nephews and I would love the chance to have a baby of my own to share with my wider family. If you have completed your family, have embryos in storage and have considered embryo donation, please contact me. Hoping someone will help me to become a mother. I can be contacted at email lissimmo@hotmail.com. Documented actual expenditure incurred on medical expenses andassociated travel costs will be reimbursed.The text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by s.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic) (February 2016).
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email: lissimmo@hotmail.com       phone: 0415106886
3rd March 2016
Stevie-Jo is looking for a donor
I am a 26 year old independant woman who longs to be a mother. Due to a chromosome disorder I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure which means I am not able to do IVF with my own eggs. I am hoping to find a generous, caring donor who will give me the chanc to be the mother I've always dreamed of being. All medical and travel expenses will be covered and I'm willing to stay in contact if that is what the donor desires. Thankyou xx
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email: Stevie.whitaker@hotmail.com       phone: 0406519924
2nd March 2016
Sharon fagg is looking for a donor
Hi I'm 45 yrs old ,in a great relationship for 7yrs, 5 of which we have been trying for a child!! I started late as I met someone whom I wanted a family with! We have had 4 Ivf cycles no pregnancies! I ve finally relised that my eggs are too old, & that in itself is heartbreaking!! So we are looking for that amazing generous somebody that help us, complete a family.
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email: Phdbondi@gmail.com       phone: 0410335117
2nd March 2016
Baby's New Home is looking for a donor
Embryo Donor needed. I would love to become a mother and have a family of my own. I live independently in my own home, in a country town with excellent schools and services for children. I have wonderful family and friends to support me, providing a stable and secure environment for children. With your kind and generous donation of embryos, my dream of becoming a mother would be realised. I am a business owner in excellent physical, mental and emotional health. Sound in mind and body, I am a balanced person, mature and resilient to the challenges of life. My family describe me as outgoing and friendly, a good communicator and always busy. My friends say I am kind and caring, reliable and dependable, a shoulder to lean on. I am of Northern European heritage and from a family orientated upbringing. Circumstances prevented me from finding a suitable partner to have children with in a natural way. Premature menopause has been the catalyst for my decision to seek embryo donation. I hope to connect with an altruistic, kind and generous donor who would allow me the chance to become a mother, through the ultimate gift of their embryos. If you can help, please contact me at babysnewhome@hotmail.com Documented actual expenditure incurred on medical expenses and associated travel costs will be reimbursed. This advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health, as required by Sec.40 of the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic) (January 2016)
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email: babysnewhome@hotmail.com       phone:
1st March 2016
Marie Powell is looking for a donor
36yo widow. Unable to use my own eggs due to a recently diagnosed genetic condition. Genuine and loving. Seeking embryos to make a family xo
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email: mdp005@student.usc.edu.au       phone: 0415428739
28th February 2016
Keryl is looking for a donor
Hi donor angels my partner and I are needing your help. We have had 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts and have been told that I have no eggs left. I'm 41 years old. The thought of never having children destroys us. My partner is a big gentled softy. I teach reception children and he is a painter. We own our own house in a nice area and live a lovely life with close family and friends. Being parents means the world to us. If you can make this much wanted difference to our lives please make contact.
EmailGet in touch with this person
email: kerylfrench74@gmail.com       phone: 0422266978
16th February 2016
Libby is looking for a donor
My husband and I are a happy and healthy couple, we've been married for 4 years and together for 8. We've been trying to have a child for almost 4 years without success. We've undergone 3 rounds of IVF from which I was overstimulated and admitted to hospital. We desperately want to start a family. We are in our early 30's, fun, friendly and honest people who just want to be great parents. Please contact me if you can help us. Thank you.
EmailGet in touch with this person
email: lib.hall@yahoo.com       phone:
10th February 2016
cristy is looking for a donor
I am 49yrs old never have any child, i been trying to conceive for 10 yrs, i am asian. I would really be happy and someone can donate a young embryo which will make me and my husband so happy..god bless you.thank you
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email: cristy66ace@yahoo.com       phone: 0488691151
7th February 2016
Leanne P is looking for a donor
Hi there, I'm a 38 year old single woman. I have just this morning found out that my last attempt at Ivf (cycle #3, with 3 failed IUI's before that) has failed. So my doctor tells me that my only option now is embryo or egg donation. I have a 3 year old daughter who was conceived naturally and she is the absolute love of my life. I so desperately want to give her a sibling(s) and so I figured why not see if there is a beautiful couple out there who might help me extend my family. I would be will to have contact with the donor family through any children's lives, if that was their wish. I live in Sydney. I have a great job that I love, I have a wonderful and supportive family and a beautiful group of friends who all fully support my attempts to have another baby (or 2!). If you think I could be the person to bring your precious snow babies in to the world then I would love to hear from you. Regards, Leanne
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email: Leanne.poole@y7mail.com       phone:
7th March 2015

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Embryo Donation in the news

17th October 2017
Read Megan's story of donating her unused embryos here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/hea...

Call Out For Research Volunteers

31st May 2017
We're excited to be supporting a few research projects at the moment. One of the reasons researc...


Exposure helps raise #awareness of the #support we offer to those on both sides #embryodonation #embryorecipient… https://t.co/MRGvYxxUQw
14 October 2017
Embryo Donation is proof that from beautiful things can come from our darkest times...#ttc #embryodonation… https://t.co/hUBIOIIsyP
3 October 2017

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